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Oxfordian College is offering NCC Education Level 5 Diploma in Business (L5DB) which is accredited qualification that constitutes the second year of the NCC Education degree program. It extends upon the foundational knowledge acquired during the NCC Education Level 4 Diploma in Business (L4DB), delving into more complex and advanced topics across various areas such as economics, marketing, finance, and management. Students will engage with a balanced curriculum that encompasses both academic and practical subjects, equipping them with the requisite knowledge and skills to assume significant roles within business organizations.

Upon the successful completion of this qualification, students have the option to apply for admission to numerous universities that recognize NCC Education qualifications. Alternatively, they can embark on a career within the business industry, leveraging the expertise gained during their studies.

Students are required to complete six of the following eight units:
• Business Economics– examines how an organisation can achieve its objectives most efficiently through the application of micro-economic theory and the tools of analysis of decision science, such as statistics and quantitative methods. It demonstrates how economic analysis can be used in formulating business policies.
• Advanced Business Mathematics – provides an understanding of how a number of statistical and mathematical techniques are applied in economic and business decision-making.
• Marketing in Business – highlights the need for managers to view the role of marketing as critical to their organisation. The crucial role of marketing in contributing to the success of organisations is emphasised.
• Human Resources in Business – explores the dynamic role of human resource management policies and practices in contemporary organisations and their contribution to the goals of those organisations. It defines and critically examines the major philosophies, policies, procedures and practices related to the management of human resources.
• Understanding Consumer Behaviour – provides an understanding of customers’ needs and the complexity of the decision making process customers undertake in both consumer and industrial markets.
• Principles of Business Operations – explores the operations management function and its basis in creating and sustaining effective and efficient operations which deliver the products or services in a manner which achieves the objectives of the organisation. You will analyse this with respect to cost, quality, flexibility, dependability and speed.
• Financial Management – builds on your knowledge of fundamental financial concepts in financial and management accounting by considering the applications of these topics in a business environment and by examining a set of more advanced issues.
• Information Systems and Organisations – introduces the subject of information systems and technology in organisations, taking a broad management perspective. Students will gain an understanding of the current and future role of information systems in modern organisations, including an appreciation of the social, cultural and political aspects that are important to the successful adoption of technology.

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After your NCC Level 4 & 5 the following universities guarantee a place to NCC students.
▪ Bangor University
▪ Birmingham City University
▪ Carroll University
▪ CQUniversity
▪ Liverpool Hope University
▪ National College of Ireland
Applications may be subject to minimum entry requirements. Oxfordian College however provides guidance and counselling to its students for this exclusively.
In addition, students may choose to apply to other universities of choice.

More information: https://www.nccedu.com/university-progression/


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