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Oxfordian college is offering Level 4 Diploma in Computing (with Business Management) (L4DC BM), formerly known as the Level 4 Diploma in Business Information Technology (L4DBIT), marks the initial stage of the NCC Education degree program. This qualification is on par with the first year of an IT degree in the UK university system. Students undergoing this program have the opportunity to cultivate essential thinking and study skills, encompassing both IT and business aspects through a well-rounded mix of academic and vocational subjects.

The curriculum enables students to actively contribute to the development of computer systems, networks, databases, and websites within a business context, fostering an understanding of business requirements. Graduates of this qualification are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the IT and business profession, capable of applying their expertise to a spectrum of IT-related functions.

Upon successfully completing the L4DC BM qualification, students can progress to NCC Education’s Level 5 Diploma in Computing with Business Management (L5DC BM) offered within Oxfordian College which is equivalent to the second year of a UK Bachelor’s degree. Alternatively, they have the flexibility to transfer to a university or pursue a rewarding career in the dynamic field of IT.


Students studying L4DC BM must study the following eight core units:
• Skills for Computing – This module provides essential skills required by computing students. The skills taught include study, presentation, report-writing and data handling skills. It will prepare students for successful outcomes in their studies and provide them with skills that can be applied in the workplace.
• Computer Networks – This module helps students to develop a good understanding of basic theory and useful practical skills of networking and communication that are vital in today’s connected world.
• Computer Systems – This module addresses the development of practical skills in the configuration, maintenance, fault finding and trouble-shooting of modern computer systems and develops knowledge of computer architecture.
• Designing and Developing a Website – This module provides students with the practical skills required in website design such as understanding of markup languages, style sheets, design techniques and testing.
• Databases – This module provides students with thorough training in practical techniques for the design and development of database systems and develops a sound understanding of the underpinning theory.
• eBusiness – This module gives students the opportunity to examine how organisations can use all aspects of eBusiness to create new products and services, reduce the cost of existing business processes and improve the efficiency of their operations using typical revenue models.
• Essentials of Management – This module covers the principles and functions of management, teaching students the key elements in planning and decision making and the significance of different controls required in an organisation.
• Understanding Business Organisations -This module provides an introduction to the objectives, roles, functions and various forms of business organisation as they adapt to a dynamic and changing environment and also considers information and technology in regards to efficiency and performance.

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After your NCC Level 4 & 5 the following universities guarantee a place to NCC students.
▪ Bangor University
▪ Birmingham City University
▪ Carroll University
▪ CQUniversity
▪ Liverpool Hope University
▪ National College of Ireland
Applications may be subject to minimum entry requirements. Oxfordian College however provides guidance and counselling to its students for this exclusively.
In addition, students may choose to apply to other universities of choice. More information: https://www.nccedu.com/university-progression/

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