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Oxfordian College is offering the Level 2 Award in Conflict Management. This qualification is aimed those working in a customer or service user facing role who may need to recognise the contributing factors, signs and causes of conflict and how to deescalate conflict situations without physical intervention.

▪ Recognizing the signs and causes of conflict, including stress, frustration, unmet expectations, and communication issues.
▪ Understanding the different types of conflict, such as emotional outbursts, passive-aggressive behaviour, and verbal aggression.
▪ Learning de-escalation techniques, such as active listening, assertive communication, empathy, and problem-solving skills.
Avoiding physical intervention and staying calm in challenging situations.

Completing this qualification can equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to:

▪ Handle conflict professionally and effectively.
▪ Reduce escalation and maintain control of tense situations.
▪ Improve customer satisfaction and experience.
▪ Promote a positive and respectful work environment.
Prospective job opportunities can be in the following sectors but not limited to:
Retail: Dealing with customers who are upset about products, prices, or service.
Leisure: Managing interactions with guests who are frustrated with delays, cancellations, or safety concerns.
Hospitality: Handling complaints about accommodations, food, or service quality.
Emergency Services: De-escalating tense situations with distressed individuals or families.
Healthcare: Navigating sensitive conversations with patients and their families during stressful situations.

Learners could progress to the:
▪ Level 3 Award in the Delivery of Conflict Management Training
▪ Level 3 Award in Physical Intervention

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